We are unbelievably excited about the submissions received for the DhIA Season of Service. There were so many wonderful responses and project ideas, and we are humbled by the expressions of service. It's obvious to us that the children have a keen interest in bringing their Dharmic values into the world and help others.

Below are some of the proposal ideas that DhIA will be funding for the DhIA Season of Service:

  • Donating Reusable Metal Water Bottles to those who are in need

  • Raising funds for AIM for SEVA, which supports education and shelter for children

  • Raising funds for ISKON and funding the feeding of cows that are undernourished

  • Installing bird feeders in a local community and also around the SSVT Temple in Maryland

  • Hosting a public session in temples on the perils of plastic

  • Traveling to places of worship in Howard County to present about the Plastic Monster

  • Run a food/toy drive for Shelter Animals and spend the day visiting the shelter with donations

  • Organize a clothing drive in temples, schools and near shopping centers

  • Gather with senior citizens to collect funds for children’s education

  • Create inspirational/motivational cards and friendship bracelets to mail out in holiday season

  • Raising funds for the National Indigeneous Women’s Resource Center, which helps Native American Women suffering from abuse and domestic violence

  • Create a portable garden for elder residents at a local community in Greenbelt, Maryland

  • Starter funds for fundraising for Grassroots Crisis Intervention, which helps struggling women and children

  • Collect blankets and deliver for people experiencing homelessness

We are organizing a celebration & Grant Award Ceremony on

Saturday, December 10th, 11:00am - 12:00pm (Eastern time).

Please register using the link below & invite your friends and family to the event.

Season of Service - Celebrate the Holidays!

This Holiday season, DhIA Foundation wants to spread Joy, Light and Happiness to others, keeping in mind the very reason the foundation was created, to translate Dharma into Action. Students are invited to propose a Service idea describing how they would translate Dharma into Action.

DhIA Foundation will fund 15 proposals - details provided below.


  • Is the Proposal aligned with our mission of promoting the ideology of Dharma Into Action?

  • Is the theme of Community Service central to your proposal?

  • What type of Impact will your proposal have on the participating community?

  • How will you use the funds provided by DhIA Foundation?

  • Do you have the necessary means and support to actually carry out your proposal?


Inviting proposals from students of all ages (K -16) - group proposals welcome

Submit a proposal that includes the following: (proposal format can be a slide, short writeup or video)

  • What is your proposed service idea?

  • Why is this proposed idea important to you?

  • Who will benefit from it?

  • Which Dharmic belief or value does it highlight? (see the image above for Dharmic values)

  • How do you plan to do it?

  • When do you plan to complete it?

  • Who will be helping you with it?

  • Submit your Video / Write up by November 13, 2022 by 11:59 pm Eastern

  • Email your proposal to: with your name, grade level, contact email and any other relevant information

Deadline: November 13, 2022, by 11:59 PM Eastern

Total Award Amount per person or group: $151

Total Awards: 15

Decisions will be announced on November 20th