Women of Dharma

We highlight contributions of Women Leaders from South and East Asia in various disciplines, including Business, Health, Law, Policy, Education, Science, Arts, Journalism, Sports, Astronomy, Mathematics, Technology, and Religious and Dharmic studies. Creating awareness and highlighting different paths that women leaders in this community have taken, especially for younger minds will serve to empower them with a sense of pride and ownership of their Dharmic heritage and help them identify role models who found ways to bridge gaps between their Dharmic upbringing and professional aspirations.

We are creating a database of multimedia content on Women of Dharma to celebrate the philosophy, culture, and traditions of Dharmic Communities around the world and to increase access to educational materials, literature, and art, and to build a community of readers and thinkers.

We host periodic online discussions of key topics, by industry. DhIA finds subject matter experts and facilitators to moderate our discussions.

We facilitate small group discussion on any topic related to women and Dharma. Our discussions are non-moderated, but DhIA provides the support structure and marketing/awareness for our groups. Discussions can be hosted on Slack and Facebook Groups