Emergency Resources

Government of India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare data on COVID-19 cases, discharges, and deaths. Includes awareness materials, travel advisories, hospital protocols, and mental/behavioral health resources

Site build by HealthifyMe to alert users about available vaccination appointment slots (including below 45 years) in their Pin code / city. Enabled for real-time search or notification via WhatsApp or Email.

MDTok is an initiative of the US Indian-American Physicians community to provide COVID-19 consultations *FREE OF CHARGE* for India. Appointments can be scheduled via the website

Life | Coronasafe Network (liferesources.in)

Directory of emergency resources by state and resource type (e.g., hospitals, ambulances, food, vaccines, oxygen. Information is available in 11 local languages and a WhatsApp number (+91-80619-33193) users can reach for services in 14 languages.


Swasth: a non-profit initiative providing a directory of medical resources (e.g., hospital beds, homecare, medicines, ambulances) for COVID-19 and medical supplies for medical facilities. Swasth is also fundraising for oxygen concentrator distribution

List of online COVID-19 resources in India for Hospital beds, Medicines, Oxygen supply availability and more

Resources by state, including hospital bed availability, contact information for hospitals and helplines, suggested social media handles and websites to follow

BBMP | COVID+ Govt. Hospital Bed Status (bbmpgov.com)

Bengaluru Website with detailed availability of beds by hospital and level of care (e.g., ICU, general)