COVID Crisis in India

Call for Dharmic Action!

All of us are witnessing the unfolding humanitarian COVID crisis in India. India is struggling to keep up with the exploding COVID cases and deaths. Many of us know relatives/friends who are directly affected by this. The situation is heart wrenching.

Dharma into Action (DhIA) Foundation was created to put our Dharmic values into action for the benefit of society. This crisis calls for our Dharmic values of compassion, kindness and helping/serving others to manifest into action by donating and helping people who are in desperate need.

DhIA will work with Partner organizations in India and US to distribute money for COVID essential kits to help people, community homes and orphanages having COVID, and Oxygen Concentrators and other Oxygen infrastructures that needed in India.

DhIA calls on everyone to put our Dharmic values into action by donating generously - please review DhIA Foundation's list of partner organizations already working in this area. Thank you - we are all in this together!